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About My Glass Art

Kelly Schulte-Smith - Glass Artist

Pleased to meet you! This is Kelly Schulte-Smith. Working in glass to create original stained glass panels and fused glass art is one of my passions. Expressing myself creatively has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Currently, my preferred mediums include glass,  wood working, silver-smithing, welding, wire weaving, cement, mosaic art and more. It feels wonderful to build and make objects from the ground up. As an artist, I enjoy the challenge of making something new and finding solutions to combine techniques with the chosen medium to produce the final piece. Glass itself is a wonderful medium to explore and offers endless design possibilities. I am always looking to try something new with this wonderful luminescent medium.


You’ll find my work exhibited at fine art and craft shows in the New York area. It is also available in local shops throughout Long Island. You may also contact me to discuss your custom panel and glass art commission.

Want to learn how to create in these mediums yourself? Check out my continuing education classes as well as seasonal summer camp programs for kids. Awakening the creative spirit in others is vital to me. Sharing knowledge inspires people of all ages to attempt something new. Do not be afraid of failure, instead it can be a wonderful opportunity to accomplish a new skill one step at a time. For me, it is most rewarding to see the joy on my students’ faces when they gain confidence and successfully complete their projects.


Creativity is so much more than producing a pleasing visual result. The personal journey each of us takes as we learn a new discipline truly enriches our lives! Additionally, learning a new skill set may lead to a rewarding hobby or even a new business venture. To learn more or to discuss a commission, contact today!

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